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A Killer Wave

Killer Wave Surfing Federation is a professional surfing organization that is about to culminate a wild season of competitions with its championship event in beautiful Maui! The season has had plenty of surprises, and a new favorite has emerged, threatening the three-time defending champion. However, the contest features many world-class surfers with their eyes on the prize. Winning the title means $350,000 in cash, top promotional opportunities, and recognition as the face of the Killer Wave Surfing Federation.  Performers, sponsors, coaches, and judges are all excited for the competition to begin, as the best of the best will have their finely-honed talents on full display on this incredible day of huge waves, amazing stunts, and—murder!

The Federation

Loren Three-time defending champion and the most marketable athlete in the history of Killer Wave Surfing Federation. Has had a down year and enters the Maui championship ranked third.

Cameron Ex-professional surfer. Loren’s agent and coach.

Quinn Emerged from relative obscurity to become this year’s heavy favorite entering the championship tournament. Has a reputation for being a poor sport and holding grudges.

Sam Ex-professional surfer. Quinn’s older sibling and coach. Long-time friend of Cameron, though the relationship has suffered in recent times.

Lee The most seasoned of the championship qualifiers. Was the runner-up last year despite having the best performance according to most analysts. Enters this year’s championship ranked second.

Adrian Owner and president of Killer Wave Surfing Federation. Was critical of Quinn at last season’s championship after Quinn’s display of poor sportsmanship following a subpar performance.

Mason The cream of the crop of this year’s rookie class. Enters the championship ranked fourth.

Reese The lead judge. Decided in Loren’s favor during last year’s championship tournament even though most fans and analysts felt that Lee had the top performance.

Sydney Vice-president of Killer Wave Surfing Federation. A Federation legend, having won two championships during a long, illustrious career.


The Media

Alex Reporter and commentator with Surf Sports Network. Has a good reputation with most administration members, a fact that comes in handy in getting interviews.

Chance Sports journalist with Surf Hawaii Magazine. Not afraid to ask difficult questions even if doing so might rub some the wrong way.

Dakota Correspondent for Ocean Sports News. Generally well-liked and affable.

Glen Hard-nosed columnist with Hawaii Sports Unlimited. Firm believer that the people deserve to know. Frequently known to push interviewees if they are being evasive.

Jade Interviewer with Surf Sports Network. Always on the lookout for drama.

Lennox Killer Wave Surfing Federation color commentator. Possesses an energetic style along with multiple catchphrases that consistently delight the Killer Wave loyal fan base.

Payton Reporter with Aqua Sports International. Cordial and amiable but quick to ask hard questions when warranted.

Ray Hawaii Sun Times. One of the most respected people in professional surfing journalism.

Skye Extreme Sports Radio. Known more for radio broadcasts than in-field work but consistently covers the Maui championship in person.

Teagan – Killer Wave commentator. A fan of the limelight who can always be seen at the Federation’s biggest events.

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