Before the Game

Note: This page contains basic information for how to host a Whodunnit Games Murder Mystery Party. For a more detailed guide, please click here.

Before the game, the host will email each player either a character bio or a copy of The Scene, which should be read before the murder mystery party begins. This will allow guests to learn about the scene and the different characters they will be playing with. Dressing up is encouraged. Each individual game has a theme (Casino, circus, etc.), and individual character bios may provide specific ideas about how to dress. Click the images below for a sneak peak.

The Game Begins

Upon arrival at the event, the host hands each guest a copy of his or her Act 1 character sheet. Each sheet will contain things such as announcements to make to the group and indications of how to respond to other characters in the game. Some games will have two acts and others three. one of the characters in the game will always be murdered following the second to last act! Players will then have to try to solve the murder while making accusations in a final act to die for!!!

Host Role

Once the game begins, it will be your job to make specific announcements and advance the action. You also will play the part of a character if you choose. You can choose to play any character you wish. As the host, you have the option of knowing the result ahead of time or finding out with everyone else. You will see some clues while preparing the game. However, if you do not read the Solution, you can play the game without knowing the outcome ahead of time. There is a Host Guide that will direct the action of all acts. Prepare yourself! Solving the mystery will be murder!