Murder Mystery Dinner Cuisine

A murder mystery dinner is the perfect way to have an enjoyable evening with your guests. We recommend dinner before beginning the game, refreshments or dessert between Acts 1 and 2, or both. Whether it be simple, fancy, or anywhere in between, a menu that coordinates with the theme and time period of the murder mystery can greatly add to the overall experience. For this reason, Mystery on Demand provides a few suggestions for possible menu items to be served with each game. A quick internet search will, of course, lead to many more possibilities, and you may find you already have great options in your own recipe collections. If nothing else, please let the following suggestions wet your appetite and help you make your murder mystery dinner a success!

A Gutshot Straight

Theme: 1960’s New Orleans Riverboat Casino

New Orleans is a food critic’s dream destination, and A Gutshot Straight provides a setting perfect for a fabulous food experience. Jazz it up and serve one of the following dinner options: po-boys (meat or seafood sandwiches), jambalaya (a rice and sausage dish), or gumbo (meat or seafood stew). For dessert, go simple and purchase your favorite pralines and cream ice cream, or try the slightly more ambitious bananas foster (bananas cooked in butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and rum) served on vanilla ice cream. If light refreshments are preferred, serve guests mint juleps (an alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage made using a sugar syrup, lemonade concentrate, creme de menthe) and beignets (scones covered in powdered sugar). If the party is taking place during the Mardi Gras festivities (February-March), king’s cakes are popular and festive and are available at most supermarket bakeries.


Jambalaya 3


Beignets 4

A Reunion to Die For

Theme: 1970’s, 10-Year High School Reunion

The 1970’s aren’t particularly known for their advancements in food cuisine, but there are still a lot of totally awesome possibilities for party food, especially considering that cocktails and appetizers are often served at a high school reunion. Offer guests meatballs served in a crock-pot, potato skins, Doritos, or sandwiches cut into fun shapes. Pay homage to the “mixed tape” by serving one of these mixable dessert options: trifle (a dessert consisting of layers of cake, pudding, fruit, whipping cream) -OR- frozen yogurt or ice cream served with a selection of various toppings.

Potato Skins

Potato Skins 3


Trifles 3

A Marquee Murder

Theme: Circus

A visit to the Big Top wouldn’t be complete without sweet and salty treats. You can serve your carnival favorites individually, or combine them all in a fun snack-mix containing the following: pink/white circus animal cookies, kettle corn, orange circus peanuts, pretzels, and sour cherry balls (clown noses). Dinner options might include corndogs, BBQ beef or pork sandwiches, French fries, fruit kabobs, soft pretzels, and veggie trays. A just-dessert party could feature caramel apples, cotton candy, chocolate-dipped nutter butter cookies, cupcakes with sprinkles, or ice cream sundaes topped with M&M faces, maraschino cherry noses, and sugar cone “clown” hats.

BBQ Pork Sandwiches

BBQ Sandwiches 3

Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn 3

A Killer Wave

Theme: Pro Surfing Championship in Maui

Welcome party guests to a traditional Hawaiian luau with an “Aloha!” and a filling feast of shredded kalua pork (made by placing a pork roast with 1 T sea salt and 1 T liquid smoke in a slow cooker on low setting for 14 hours) or grilled Huli Huli chicken (chicken marinated soy sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, chicken broth, and ginger), rice, macaroni salad, tropical fruit kabobs, and Hawaiian sweet rolls. As beverages, serve make-your-own smoothies, pina coladas garnished with umbrella toothpicks, or chilled cans of Hawaiian Punch fruit drink. Other taste-of-the islands dessert possibilities could be pineapple upside down cake, coconut cupcakes, shaved ice with a splash of sweet and condensed milk, or brownies with macadamia nuts.

Kalua Pork Sliders

Kalua Pork 3

Fruit Kabobs

Fruit Kabobs 4

Malt Shop Murder

1950’s Malt Shop

A rockin’ menu for Malt Shop Murder would include foods found in a 1950’s diner, such as hamburgers, fries, sodas, and milkshakes. A spoonful of malt powder or a 1/2 cup of well-blended malted milk balls will turn any milkshake into a tasty malt. Other non-dinner options might be root beer floats, coke served in retro bottles adorned with red and white striped straws, banana splits, or ice cream sundaes. For a dramatic statement, a custom soda station is always a favorite. Provide club soda, crushed ice, sliced limes, and a variety of soda flavors, and let guests customize their own drinks. Garnish all sweet treats and sodas with spray whipping cream and a cherry on top.

Burger & Fries

Burger 3

Banana Splits

Banana Split 3