Malt Shop Murder

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Players: 4 (2 male, 2 female)
Duration: About 1 hour
Rated: 14+ for complexity

The Scene: 1950s Malt Shop! Betty, Anna, Jack, and Will were great friends and the most popular kids in the high school of their small town. The biggest employer in the town was Box Me, Inc., a box factory owned by Will’s father. Jack and Will were co-captains of the high school football team, and Betty and Anna played volleyball. The group was inseparable. During the first three years of high school, Betty dated Jack, and Anna dated Will. That is of course, before the homecoming dance of senior year…

The Cast

Betty – One-time best friend of Anna. Dated Jack during the first 3 years of high school before breaking up with him to date Will, who had been Anna’s boyfriend.
Will – One-time best friend of Jack. Dated Anna for the first 3 years of high school before breaking up with her to date Betty, who had been Jack’s girlfriend. Son of the owner of the town’s biggest employer.
Anna – One-time best friend of Betty. Started dating Jack after Will broke up with her.
Jack – One-time best friend of Will. Started dating Anna after Betty broke up with him.

Game Materials

Invitations – Can be emailed, mailed, or delivered to those you would like to invite. The method of inviting your guests is completely up to you, and use of these invitations is optional. (Found in “Before the Event – Getting Started” folder)
The Scene – Each player will receive a copy of the Scene, which describes the background of the different players in the game. This will be emailed to players before the event, though the host should also provide a copy at the beginning of the game for those who need a refresher. (Before the Event – Getting Started)
Name Tags (Act 1 Materials)
Host Guides for Acts 1 and 2 (Act 1 Materials, Act 2 Materials)
Act 1 Character Sheets – There is a unique Act 1 sheet for every character. Each contains 1 or more announcements that a given player will make during Act 1, as well as unscripted responses to make to the announcements of other players. (Act 1 Materials)
Act 2 Character Sheets – These will be distributed to guests after Act 1 has concluded. They are also player specific. You may have 1 fewer character sheet for Act 2 than you had for Act 1. This is by design. (Act 2 Materials)
Newspaper (Act 2 Materials)
Voting sheets (Finishing the Game)
Solution (Finishing the Game)
Award Certificates (Finishing the Game)

5 reviews for Malt Shop Murder

  1. Jordan

    We played this one as a double date and it ended up being super fun and interactive.

  2. Pam

    This made for a great and creative double date! Highly recommend.

  3. Maggie

    I’ve played quite a few from this group and enjoyed them all. The build up on this one was simpler than most, and it went a bit quick (less than an hour), but it was fun and engaging for a group of four.

  4. Heather

    The clues were challenging and none of us guessed the murderer, but it was fun to see that “aha!” moment when the detective read the solution. worked well as a double date.

  5. John

    If you’re like me and have a hard time coming up with creative date ideas, give this game a try! A good way to break the ice as well if you are with another couple and you worry about having enough to talk about. I didn’t know the other couple well but we were quickly talking and laughing. Clever ending as well.

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