Death of a Rockstar


Players: 15-36 (all characters are gender flexible)
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
Rated: 14+ for complexity

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The Cast

Rule of Rock

Out of Cleveland, OH. Extremely popular Alternative Rock band. Winner of the previous year’s competition. First winner to return for an encore.

Bevan – Vocals. Widely considered the leader and most popular member of the group.

Jamie – Lead guitar. Rumored to be on thin ice, though this remains unsubstantiated.

Jordan – Percussion. A defector from Metal Mannequin.

Nicky – Bass guitar. Has been with the band since the beginning.

Ramsey – Band manager. Has a reputation for talking the ear off of anyone and everyone.

Country Customs
From Nashville, TN. A very easy-going group. Criticized by some for making pickup trucks the theme of every song.

Avery – Lead singer. Splits song-writing responsibilities with Harper.

Devin – Banjo. Known for wearing something pink at all performances.

Harper – Acoustic guitar. Splits song-writing responsibilities with Avery.

Montana – Fiddle and backup singer. Never seen in public without a bandana.

Sawyer – Band manager. Sibling of Montana.

Beat Box Battalion
Living now in New York City, having recently relocated from Meridian, Idaho. Have been accused of faking a New York accent and showing an annoying amount of New York pride. Believed by some to be on the verge of disbanding due to money problems.

Billie – Group founder. Grew up in Idaho but frequently talks of being a native New Yorker.

Eden – Believed to have convinced the group not to tip when they go out to eat in order to ease their financial troubles.

Hudson – Known for always wearing sunglasses, even indoors.

Jackie – Sibling of Hudson. Rumored to have recently been critical of the group.

Lane – Band manager. Consistently talks loudly on the phone about the immense success the band is supposedly having.

Metal Mannequin
Heralding from London, England. Known for leather, head banging, and excessive partying.

Ash – Vocals/Rhythm guitar. Recognized for trademark scowl.

Britton – Lead guitar. Believed to be the worst partier of the lot.

Charley – Percussion. Unlike bandmates, does not wear leather onstage, preferring denim.

Dylan – Bass guitar. A lefty who frequently claims left-handed guitarists are superior.

Ripley – Band manager. Has trumpeted far and wide that Metal Mannequin should have won last year’s competition despite losing the overall vote with both the judges and the audience.

Pop Police
From New York City. A talented up-and-coming pop group. Accused of lip-syncing and excessively doing the robot.

Denver – Lead performer. Known to be vain and frequently look in the mirror or anything shiny and reflective.

Jude – Choreographer and best dancer of the group. Stubbornly insists on putting the robot into all dance routines.

Riley – Sibling of Jude. Spends an inordinate amount of time on elaborate hairdos.

Stevie – Well regarded for incredible vocal range.

Tristan – Band manager. Believes in always dressing very sharply when representing the group in public.

Opera Oasis
Tulsa, OK.  Went on a class trip to Italy and came back with an obsession for opera. Known to look for excessive opportunities to mention Italy and say Italian words.

Dorian – The lead singer. Becomes emotional and sobs after each performance, typically to excess.

Emery – Possesses a noticeably weaker voice than the other constituents of the group. Rumored as having been recommended as an option to be let go by Vick, the band manager, but remains due to the loyalty of the other members.

Jessie – A paradox who belts out a strong, vibrant voice on stage while speaking so quietly in most situations that it’s sometimes difficult to make out the words.

London – Older sibling of Emery. Main songwriter of the group.

Vick – Band manager. Tends to favor very colorful clothing.

The Media
A respected group of professionals who have been covering the emerging music scene and the upcoming battle of the bands exhaustively for months.

Brook – Music Monthly Magazine.

Carson – Chart Topper Monthly.

Corey – JJMI Fierce FM.

Finley – Music Mayhem Online.

Milan – WQXR FM 99.

Shiloe – Music Beat Magazine.



Game Materials

Invitations – Can be emailed, mailed, or delivered to those you would like to invite. The method of inviting your guests is completely up to you, and use of these invitations is optional. (found in “Before the Event – Getting Started” folder)

The Scene – Each player will receive a copy of The Scene, which begins the story and provides the background of the game. This will be emailed to players before the event. The host will also want to have a few copies available at the outset of the event for those who need a refresher. (Found in “Before the Event – Getting Started” folder)

Name Tags (Act 1 Materials)

Host Guides for Acts 1 and 2 (Act 1 Materials, Act 2 Materials)

Detective Guide for Act 3 (Act 3 Materials)

Act 1 Character Sheets (Act 1 Materials)

Band Members – There is a unique Act 1 sheet for each band member who will be playing. These are to be passed out to them before Act 1. Each contains two responses that the character’s band will give to members of the media during the media session. Characters will not give both announcements found on their sheet, and their sheets will indicate to them if they will be reading a particular announcement or if it will be given by another member of the band. Act 1 is generally the shortest act. No individual band member will give more than one response to the media, and some do not have an announcement in this act. If there are fewer than six media members playing, some questions will not be asked and some of the band members will not be called upon to read their responses. Players will be given specific instructions via an announcement by the host at the beginning of Act 1.

The Media – Character sheets for members of the media are found in the same folder as those for band members. Media members will have a single sheet for Acts 1 and 2. These sheets contain questions they will ask to band members during Act 1 as well as instructions for them to follow during Act 2. The sheets should be given to the media members before Act 1 at the same time the band members receive their Act 1 Character Sheets.

Act 2 Character Sheets (The Bands) – There is a unique Act 2 sheet for all band members. Each contains an announcement that a given player will make during Act 2, as well as unscripted responses to make to the announcements of other players. (Act 2 Materials)

Act 3 Character Sheets – These will be handed out to all players, bands and media, after Act 2 has concluded. There will be one less band member character sheet for Act 3 than for Act 2. This is by design. (Act 3 Materials)

Evidence (Act 3 Materials)

Voting sheets (Finishing the Game)

Solution (Finishing the Game)

Award Certificates (Finishing the Game)


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