A Very Merry Murder


Players: 10-20
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Rated: 14+ for complexity

Click here for the 10 player version (no bonus characters)

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The Cast

Veronica Vance, CEO – Entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder of Christmas Calendar Emporium. A hardworking and determined woman. Has increasingly been accused of nepotism in recent years.

Amelia Anderson, COO – Veronica’s best friend and old college roommate. Frequently comes to work late and seems to keep whatever schedule she chooses, the reason for which is the subject of rumors.

Grant Gibbons, VP of Sales – Hardworking and long-tenured member of the staff. Exploded in a meeting a few months back, accusing Veronica of nepotism and Amelia and Victor of incompetence. Is known to be an enthusiast of online videogames.

Brian Brinkerhoff, Investor – A wealthy investor who spends most of the year living in New York City. 10% minority owner of the company. Is rarely seen by most of the staff except at the annual Christmas party.

Beatrice Barrington, Assistant to the CEO Began working at the company three years ago when Vernon, her fiancé at the time, arranged for her to interview with Veronica. Split with Vernon on Christmas day last year for reasons that have been the subject of rumors. Surprised some by remaining at the company.

Lexy Larson, Event Planner – A young but talented event planner with a reputation for spreading gossip and for multiple combative outbursts with third-party venue staff when disagreed with or when preparations do not live up to her strict specifications. Has recently begun dating Steve.

Steve Sorenson, Star Salesman – The company’s top salesman. Works under Grant. Rumor has it he was required to speak with HR earlier this year after Beatrice filed a complaint against him. Dating Lexy.

Victor Vance, VP of Business Development – Veronica’s eldest son. Has the reputation of being lazy and entitled.

Vernon Vance, Business Development – Veronica’s youngest son. Works under Victor, though he is largely regarded as the more competent of the Vance brothers. Ex-fiancé of Beatrice.

Susan Sanderson, HR Manager – A long-tenured member of the staff and friend to Veronica Vance.  Has had to deal with multiple HR complaints and incidents this year, though few know the details.

Angela Atkins, Support Manager – One of the first employees of the company. Has diligently gone about her duty for years, but rumor has it she is not a fan of members of her team that Veronica hired for her.

Virginia Vance, Support Team – Daughter of Veronica Vance. Whispers abound in some circles that she and her best friends, Benjamin and Edwin, along with her cousin Brenda do very little and are paid well.

Benjamin Baker, Support Team – Good friend of Virginia and Edwin from high school, where it is rumored they all barely graduated before being hired a few years ago.

Edwin Eastman, Support Team – Friend of Virginia, Benjamin,  and Brenda. Is rumored to have, along with his friends, a rivalry with Layla and Liam and to not be very well liked by Angela, the Support Manager.

Liam Lawson, Support Team – Hired to the Support team by recommendation of his sister, Layla. There are rumors that he avoids Virginia and her friends, Benjamin, Edwin, and Brenda , when at all possible.

Layla Lawson, Support Team – The first person hired by Angela to be on the Support team. Known along with her brother as being a hard worker and an integral part of the success of the Support team.

Jennifer Jackson, CFO – Has been with the company for five years. Known for having a very good relationship with Veronica Vance and emphatically agreeing with her at company meetings.

Brent Banner, Information Technology – Long-time member of the staff. Puts in long hours and has consistently been denied requests to expand his team. Along with Grant, a good friend, is known to greatly enjoy online gaming.

Brenda Bobbins, Receptionist – Niece of Veronica Vance. Has been the receptionist of Christmas Calendar Emporium for the last four years.

Peter Pacheco, Sales Engineer – Consummate professional and hard worker. Always shows up early and leaves late. A serious man who overcame a challenging childhood to get where he is in life.


Game Materials

  • Invitation – Can be emailed, mailed, or delivered to those you would like to invite. The method of inviting your guests is completely up to you, and use of the invitation is optional. (Found in “Before the Event – Getting Started” folder)
  • Character Bios – Each player in the game will be assigned a character by the host and provided with a character bio. Each character bio contains general information about the game, a detailed description of the player’s own character, and a brief description of other characters. Each player should be emailed their character bio before the event, though the host may choose to also provide a copy at the beginning of the game for those who need a refresher. (Before the Event – Getting Started)
  • Name Tags (Act 1 Materials)
  • Host Guides for Acts 1 and 2 (Act 1 Materials, Act 2 Materials)
  • Act 1 Character Sheets – There is a unique Act 1 sheet for every character. Each contains one or more announcements that a given player will make during Act 1, as well as unscripted responses to make to the announcements of other players. (Act 1 Materials)
  • Act 2 Character Sheets – These will be handed out after Act 1 has concluded. You will have one fewer character sheet for Act 2 than you had for Act 1. This is by design. (Act 2 Materials)
  • Evidence (Act 2 Character Sheets)
  • Voting sheets (Finishing the Game)
  • Solution (Finishing the Game)
  • Award Certificates (Finishing the Game)