A Superhero Homicide


Players: 12-24 – All characters are gender flexible except Mr. Perfect, Ms. Perfect (see “Our Heroes” below).
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
Rated: 14+ for complexity

The Scene: Crime. Lawlessness. Corruption! The criminals and evil-doers of America became more and more brazen. Fear and chaos abounded. The citizens of the United States needed hope. They needed relief. They needed—heroes. Destiny called. The call—was answered. Was it fate? Was it radiation? Was it divine intervention? No one truly knows where they came from, but somehow, someway, a small collection of superpowered beings began popping up throughout North America. On the brink of disaster, the United States government reached out to all known superbeings and requested their help. The questions were simple: will you devote your powers to the cause of truth and justice? Will you help put an end to the rampant villainy infecting American cities? Will you work with U.S. peacekeeping forces to bring order and security back to America? The answer to these questions was a resounding yes—and legends were born!

Five years have passed since six super teams took up their posts, with each team focusing most of its attention on maintaining law and order in the specific city it has vowed to protect. While the different teams remain in regular contact and maintain a headquarters in Washington D.C. denominated Superhero HQ Prime, they have gradually grown apart while division, competition, and jealousy have taken root. A meeting has been called by the New York City super team at Superhero HQ Prime to discuss the rise of a new threat, known only as the Syndicate, as well as recent negative press suffered by the superhero community in an event bound to contain intrigue, deception, and—murder!


Our Heroes

Team NYC
Leaders of all the teams. Team administrators, and direct contact of the President and the Superhuman Affairs Committee. Widely considered to be the greatest of the super teams. Serious and responsible. An object of envy for some members of the superhero community.

Mr. Perfect – Immensely strong and resistant to injury. The ultimate boy scout. Team leader.

Ms. Perfect – Immensely strong and resistant to injury. The ultimate girl scout. Long believed to be involved with Mr. Perfect, though neither of them will ever admit it.

Electron – Possesses the ability to emit immensely powerful electric charges both through the air or on contact.

Force Field – Can create force fields at will capable of withstanding virtually any attack.

Team LA
Official PR Managers for the superhero community. Frequently accused by other teams of being a cocky bunch and caring more about spending time with celebrities, speaking to the media, and making appearances on late night talk shows than fighting crime.

Bird of Prey – Possesses the power of flight, though unable to exceed 20 miles per hour. Team leader.

Cheetah – Able to run 75 MPH. However, like a cheetah, is quickly exhausted after runs lasting longer than 20 – 30 seconds and needs to take a nap soon after.

Mentalist – Possesses the ability to lift objects just by thinking about it, though strength is limited to objects weighing fewer than 30 pounds.

Leap Frog – Able to jump 20 feet straight in the air or up to 40 feet forward or backward in a single bound.

Team Miami
Official Treasurers and Finance Managers of the superhero teams. Reputation has suffered of late, as team members are spotted almost exclusively at the beach and have been accused of having only sporadic interest in crimefighting.

Achilles – Great strength, quickness, durability, and fighting skills. Widely known to lose all powers if hit in the heel, a weakness that criminals have exploited more than once. Has become fearful and run from fights when this has happened. Team leader.

Reckoner – No apparent powers that anyone knows of but makes claims to the contrary. Believed to have been identified by the US government as a superbeing by mistake, though no one seems to want to mention it now. Good friend of Achilles. Generally wears dark clothes, presumably to intimidate.

Armor – A new addition. Wears metal armor that deflects bullets and fires a variety of lasers and missiles. No actual super powers but is a genius-level inventor.

Eye Blast – Able to fire both heat and force blasts. Powers often go off accidentally when nervous. Significant property damage has occurred around the city on several occasions as a result.

Team Las Vegas
A powerful but clumsy team. Has been criticized for missing crimes being committed right in front of them when on a hot streak at the blackjack table.

Fusion – Able to project heat blasts, fireballs, and jets of flame on command. Team leader.

Freezer Burn – The yin to Fusion’s yang. Can lower the temperature of the air and shoot ice and snow at adversaries. Has inadvertently permitted more than one villain to escape by canceling out Fusion’s powers.

Richter Scale – Creates mini earthquakes, an ability that can cause evildoers to drop weapons and stolen loot or prevent them from escaping.

Demolition – Fists can become extremely hard on command, effectively converting them into battering rams. Unable to intimidate armed villains who are not standing within arm’s reach and has needed to be bailed out more than once by teammates.

Team Chicago
Members have a chip on their shoulders, feeling they do not get the respect they deserve. Known for being rough with criminals, spending excessive amounts of time lifting weights, and eating a great deal of deep-dish pizza.

Biceps – Possesses superhuman strength, but only in the biceps. Considered a bit vain and never turns down the opportunity to flex in front of others. Often does this covertly while pretending to stretch. Team leader.

Grit – Immune to bullets and knives. Has an angry, abrasive personality. Will challenge anyone who claims Mr. or Ms. Perfect can take more punishment.

Dead Eye – A gun-toting anti-hero with uncanny marksmanship. Recently forced by the city to use tranquilizer darts rather than bullets after numerous displays of excessive force.

The Unseen – Possesses the power of invisibility. Occasionally unable to turn visible again for hours at a time after using powers.

Team Ridgefield
Official team ambassadors for the superhero community. Recruited by the U.S. government after the other superheroes had largely defeated the various criminal organizations five years ago. Belittled and mocked within the superhuman community for choosing to set up their headquarters in one of the safest cities in America. Largely seen helping the elderly cross the street, rescuing cats from trees, and giving motivational speeches to middle schoolers.

The Captain – Superhuman strength and ability to pass through solid objects on command, powers that have never needed to be tested in Ridgefield. Team leader.

Arrowhead – Carries around a quill with a variety of arrows, some normal, some with exploding heads. An expert marksman.

Titanium – Can convert skin into super-hard titanium on command, a talent that impresses the local police force while he helps them hand out citations for jay walking.

Luchador – An ex-luchador from Guadalajara, Mexico. Claims to be a master of unarmed combat and possesses superhuman agility.

Game Materials

  • Setup Instructions
  • Invitation
  • The Scene
  • Name Tags
  • Host Guides for Acts 1 and 2
  • Act 1 Character Sheets
  • Act 2 Character Sheets
  • Voting sheets
  • Solution
  • Award Certificates
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