A Reunion to Die For

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Required Players: 12 – 6 female, 5 male, 1 gender flexible (Principal Anderson)
Optional Players: 8 – 3 female, 4 male, 1 gender flexible (Dr. Thompson)
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Rated: 14+ for complexity

The Scene: The year is 1978, and it is the 10-year high school reunion of the East Side class of ’68. High school had its share of drama, mystery, and rivalries, but it was the best of times, and everyone is excited for the upcoming reunion. Get your 70’s attire ready and join your old friends for a night everyone is sure to remember! See classmates and even faculty that you haven’t seen in a decade. Celebrate the best four years in a night of fun, reminiscing, and–murder!


The Guest List

Max Moved to East Side before junior year. Quickly became quarterback of the football team and led the team to back-to-back state championships. Dated Stacey and won prom king. Currently runs his parents’ jewelry business.

Stacey The most popular girl at East Side High School. Dated Kevin for almost three years before dumping him via a note delivered by her friend Amanda. Dated Max for the remainder of high school. Stacey and Max are now married.

Brad Quarterback of the football team before Max came to East Side and won the spot. Switched to defense and helped the team win back-to-back state titles. Good friends with Kevin. Is now an insurance salesman.

Christina Captain of the cheerleading team and best friends with Stacey and Amanda. Beat out Stacey for prom queen, to the surprise of all. Currently a reporter at a local television station where she mostly does puff pieces.

Kevin Captain of the basketball team. Was dumped by Stacey the day of the conference championship game junior year and had an awful performance. Led the team to the conference championship the next season. Is now a dentist.

Amanda Good friends with Stacey and Christina. Dated Gus, the school bad boy, and got in trouble when Jill revealed this to her parents. Is now married to Gus and has three children.

Brian President of the chess club. Was depantsed by Craig at the senior awards assembly in front of the entire student body. Went on to start a successful tie-dye apparel company, which he recently sold for $20 million.

Theresa Student council president and model student. Was named “most likely to succeed” by the members of the class before graduation. Is now a high-powered lawyer in a prestigious law firm in New York City and is dating Brian.

Principal Anderson Principal of East Side High. Known as a hard-working pedagogue who emphasized discipline and integrity. Took disciplinary action against Jill when Theresa, Christina, Stacey, and Craig reported her for cheating.

Jill Track athlete who was often teased by Amanda. Got revenge on Amanda by ratting out her relationship with Gus to Amanda’s parents. Failed English class after several students reported her for cheating. Is now a firefighter.

Melissa Member of the swim team and good friend of Theresa and Molly. Had a rivalry with Stacey. Currently an event planner in the Big Apple, where she is maintains her close friendship with Theresa.

John – Member of the basketball team. Disliked Kevin after Kevin gave up on the team in a game after getting dumped. Was friends with Max and Craig, but rumor has it he is no longer on good terms with either. Married to Jill.

Molly   Captain of the volleyball team. Good friends with Theresa and Melissa. Went on to marry Kevin. Is now a successful fashion model, whose billboards and magazine advertisements have been seen by all.

Gus – The school bad boy and rebel without a cause. Is said to have done a complete 180 and to now be a very spiritual person who practices meditation and claims to be at peace with the universe.

Craig – Lineman on the football team. Best friends with Max. Currently manages the local carwash with Gus.

Jennifer Ran track. First chair flute player in the school band. Good friends with Abby during high school, though word on the street is that they don’t talk anymore. Now a member of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

Abby – Ran track with Jennifer and Jill. Lost to Theresa in the elections for student council president. Second chair flute player in the school band. Practices accounting now, along with her husband Matthew.

Matthew – Ran track and played tuba in the school band but quit during sophomore year. Friends with Brad and Kevin. Dated Abby, to whom he is now married.

Coach Brown Football coach and health teacher. Led the football team to back-to-back state titles. Has remained at the school in this role, though the team has suffered poor seasons in recent years.

Dr. Thompson – Band director with a PhD in music, a fact that is brought up frequently by Dr. Thompson. Came to East Side in the middle of the ’65-’66 schoolyear after the abrupt departure of the prior band director.

Game Materials

  • Getting Started Instructions
  • Invitations
  • Character Bios
  • Name Tags
  • Host Guides for Acts 1 and 2
  • Act 1 Character Sheets
  • Act 2 Character Sheets
  • Clues & Evidence
  • Voting sheets
  • Solution
  • Award Certificates

Spice Up Your Party

The 1970’s aren’t particularly known for their advancements in food cuisine, but there are still a lot of totally awesome possibilities for party food, especially considering that cocktails and appetizers are often served at a high school reunion. Offer guests meatballs served in a crock-pot, potato skins, Doritos, or sandwiches cut into fun shapes. Pay homage to the “mixed tape” by serving one of these mixable dessert options: trifle (a dessert consisting of layers of cake, pudding, fruit, whipping cream) -OR- frozen yogurt or ice cream served with a selection of various toppings.


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14 reviews for A Reunion to Die For

  1. Paula

    We loved the 70s theme and everyone was able to dress up and get into it! Really fun script and storyline, and people could easily act their parts!

  2. Jen

    I’ve played quite a few murder mystery games, and this was one of my favorites. I liked how characters go in a specific order and get to react to each other instead of following scripts the entire time. I also thought it was a fun difference how one of the players was actually the person who died. In most mysteries I’ve played, someone has died before the game starts, so this was a fun twist.

  3. Alex

    My favorite part was seeing everyone act their parts while being dressed up for their character. It definitely made the whole thing a lot more exciting.

  4. Garth

    “A Reunion To Die For” was perfect for our group. The character overviews were simple to read, the plot was challenging, yet not overbearing, and the length was just right (about 75-90 minutes). The script is well written and fun! A great game for 6+ couples.

  5. Laura

    I’d never played a mystery game before and worried I would be intimidated by all the information. But it was clear and easy-enough to engage in the material. The plot was just complicated enough to challenge our detective skills, while making us laugh. We loved dressing up in 70’s garb and falling into our respective roles. A great night, great game!

  6. Michelle

    A fun game but I’m giving it 4 stars because the first act was a bit tricky at times to host while also playing a character but it went pretty well and the second act was great. The group really got into it.

  7. John

    Highly recommend!

  8. Michael B

    A good game but it only allows for 20 players. I had hoped to host a group of over 30 and didn’t realize this detail until after I purchased the game. I had to invite fewer people than I’d initially planned.

  9. Jeremy

    I played this with my church group and had a lot of fun. recommended

  10. Jessica

    Great game start to finish! I’ve hosted other games where I’ve downloaded the contents and been confused where to start. Reunion to die for was self explanatory from start to finish. My guests absolutely loved it!

  11. Nan

    Not a bad game, though there were a couple of the optional characters (John, Molly) I thought didn’t have as big of a role. That said, this has been the case with mystery games i’ve played from other providers as well and most of the players really got into their roles. Four stars.

  12. Eric

    I’ve enjoyed other murder mystery games where you walk around and mingle, but honest, I preferred this format with its group stetting. it was fun trying to figure out the murderer and the interaction was as good as any MM party I’ve played if not better. I’ll definitely come back to this seller.

  13. Will

    Loved this game! I played the part of Gus and won best actor

  14. Emily

    Great party game, we had a blast. Very well-written, exceeded our expectations!

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