A Marquee Murder

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Players: 6 (3 male, 3 female)
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Rated: 14+ for complexity

The Scene: Rola Bola Circus is a popular, traveling performance that is about to begin a series of shows in sunny San Diego! San Diego is always a popular destination, and all are excited for the first show to begin! The circus went through hard times for several years, as competition and small crowds threatened to close the big top once and for all. That appears to be a thing of the past now, as a fantastic human cannonball act was added 3 years ago, and the circus has enjoyed record crowds and ticket sales ever since. Some recent drama and infighting have caused rifts between some of the performers, but the first evening of the trip looks to make all forget about their cares on a most spectacular night! The circus has had some time off recently, and the performers are excited to see each other and once again exhibit their sensational skills in a breathtaking evening of entertainment, death-defying stunts, and… murder!

Game Details

The Performers

The Trapeze ArtistLillian Lewis. Distant relative of owner, Harry Hunt. Has been with the circus just over 6 years, though all can see that her routine and acrobatic skills are unimpressive. Girlfriend of Charles Chipwood.
The Lion TamerGeorge Grant. Best friend of Harry Hunt. A performance in Chicago was canceled two months ago at the last minute because George had a sudden illness right before the show was about to begin. George’s son broke his leg just days ago while riding a motorcycle. An unidentified hit-and-run driver crashed into him at a stoplight.
The Tightrope WalkerEmma Ericson. Joined Rola Bola Circus 6 years ago when Harry paid her a large amount of money to pry her away from a competitor. Considered one of the best tightrope walkers in the business.
The Human CannonballCharles Chipwood. Arrived at Rola Bola Circus 3 years back when the company was on the verge of collapse. His amazing act and stage presence brought the circus back from the brink, and crowds began pouring in to see him perform. Boyfriend of Lillian Lewis.
The MimeAnna Atkins. Hired by Harry 5 years ago. Mostly keeps to herself but is friendly with her fellow performers. Has a decent, though unspectacular act that serves the purpose of keeping the audience entertained in between bigger acts.
The RingmasterHarry Hunt. Both owner and ringmaster of the circus. Generally well liked by the other performers. Best friend of George Grant. Managed to weather the storm years ago when the circus faced dire financial problems.

Game Materials

Invitations – Can be emailed, mailed, or delivered to those you would like to invite. The method of inviting your guests is completely up to you, and use of these invitations is optional. (found in “Before the Event – Getting Started” folder)
Character Bios – Each player in the game will be assigned a character by the host and provided with a character bio. Each character bio contains general information about the game, a detailed description of the player’s own character, and a brief description of other characters. (Found in “Before the Event – Getting Started” folder)
Name Tags – This sheet contains a name tag for each character. These can be printed and cut out, then used with tape or a safety pin. Name tags should be distributed to guests, along with their Act 1 Character Sheets, as they arrive at the event. (Act 1 Materials)
Host Guides for Acts 1 and 2 (Act 1 Materials, Act 2 Materials)
Act 1 Character Sheets – There is a unique Act 1 sheet for every character. These will be provided to players as they arrive. They contain a list of items that the characters know as well as objectives for them to achieve in Act 1. If a character arrives at the event having forgotten to read their character bio, their character sheet will still provide them with the information they need to play the game. (Act 1 Materials)
Act 2 Character Sheets – These will be distributed to guests after Act 1 has concluded. They are also player specific. You may have 1 fewer character sheet for Act 2 than you had for Act 1. This is by design. (Act 2 Materials)
Voting Sheets (Finishing the Game)
Solution (Finishing the Game)
Award Certificates (Finishing the Game)

7 reviews for A Marquee Murder

  1. Paula

    Creative plot that was fun and easy to follow. Leaves room for creative interpretation while still following a format!

  2. Juan

    I feel like the characters were able to play an equal part throughout the whole game. Everyone was involved and could easily act their parts

  3. Justin

    Very fun and interactive game. Instructions were easy to follow.

  4. Kristen

    This was a great date night with our friends! We have done a few of these murder mystery dinners from other companies and this was definitely my favorite. I loved the flow of the game, very easy to follow. We had some friends who were really into acting it out and one or two who preferred to just read the script and I think everyone felt comfortable and had a great time. One of my friends said they were going to get a game to do with their family over the holidays because they liked it so much. Thanks so much for a fun night!

  5. Barbara

    A fun game but I thought it was a bit too easy to solve the murder. The group had fun though, and I liked the circus theme.

  6. Doug

    I’ve played 5 or 6 of these from this seller. This one was fun and easy, though it went kind of fast. It lost something by playing over zoom as well, but I suppose the game wasn’t designed with that in mind.

  7. Emily

    We got a good laugh out of this game, particularly the Human Cannonball. Make sure you pick someone who is a bit more charismatic for that role because it adds a lot of flair. I think my favorite part was the fact that I only had to get two other couples, which made coordinating easy. Works great for a couples date night for 3 couples!

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