A Killer Wave

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Players: 10-20 – All players are gender flexible.
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Rated: 14+ for complexity

Click here for the 8-10 character version

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The Cast

Loren Three-time defending champion and the most marketable athlete in the history of Killer Wave Surfing Federation. Has had a down year and enters the Maui championship ranked third.

Cameron Ex-professional surfer. Loren’s agent and coach.

Quinn Emerged from relative obscurity to become this year’s heavy favorite entering the championship tournament. Has a reputation for being a poor sport and holding grudges.

Sam Ex-professional surfer. Quinn’s older sibling and coach. Long-time friend of Cameron, though the relationship has suffered in recent times.

Lee The most seasoned of the championship qualifiers. Was the runner-up last year despite having the best performance according to most analysts. Enters this year’s championship ranked second.

Adrian Owner and president of Killer Wave Surfing Federation. Was critical of Quinn at last season’s championship after Quinn’s display of poor sportsmanship following a subpar performance.

Mason The cream of the crop of this year’s rookie class. Enters the championship ranked fourth.

Reese The lead judge. Decided in Loren’s favor during last year’s championship tournament even though most fans and analysts felt that Lee had the top performance.

Sydney Vice-president of Killer Wave Surfing Federation. A Federation legend, having won two championships during a long, illustrious career.

Taylor Tournament judge and amateur surfer. Longtime friend of Reese.

Alex Reporter and commentator with Surf Sports Network. Has a good reputation with most administration members, a fact that comes in handy in getting interviews.

Chance Sports journalist with Surf Hawaii Magazine. Not afraid to ask difficult questions even if doing so might rub some the wrong way.

Dakota Correspondent for Ocean Sports News. Generally well-liked and affable.

Glen Hard-nosed columnist with Hawaii Sports Unlimited. Firm believer that the people deserve to know. Frequently known to push interviewees if they are being evasive.

Jade Interviewer with Surf Sports Network. Always on the lookout for drama.

Lennox Killer Wave Surfing Federation color commentator. Possesses an energetic style along with multiple catchphrases that consistently delight the Killer Wave loyal fan base.

Payton Reporter with Aqua Sports International. Cordial and amiable but quick to ask hard questions when warranted.

Ray Hawaii Sun Times. One of the most respected people in professional surfing journalism.

Skye Extreme Sports radio. Known more for radio broadcasts than in-field work but consistently covers the Maui championship in person.

Teagan Killer Wave commentator. A fan of the limelight who can always be seen at the Federation’s biggest events.


Game Materials

  • Getting Started Instructions
  • Invitations
  • Character Bios
  • Name Tags
  • Host Guides for Acts 1 and 2
  • Detective Guide
  • Act 1 Character Sheets (Acts 1-3)
  • Evidence
  • Voting Sheets
  • Solution
  • Award Certificates


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11 reviews for A Killer Wave

  1. Kayla

    I liked the structure. I’ve played games where everyone walks around and talks to people individually. Personally, I find it a bit awkward. This game made it easy because everyone has some parts they can just read but you can adlib as much as you want. I was worried about the husbands of two of my friends because they are a bit more reserved, but even they were able to really get into it and have a great time. I recommend giving this game a shot. Lots of fun.

  2. Carla

    I had many guests of different ages at my party and i was worried about how they would interact together. This game actually made it super easy and everyone had a great time.

  3. Juan

    I really like how the script is set up. It tells you what to say, but at the same time lets you act your way.

  4. Britney

    This was a perfect game for our group. The group was laughing throughout, particularly while certain characters were insulting each other during Act 1. Some of the insults written into the script were a little cheesy but it made for great humor and everyone enjoyed trying to solve the mystery. I liked how the person that died didn’t have to sit out Act 2 but was able to play on as the detective. Loads of fun from start to finish!

  5. Bree

    Fun game with a fun script

  6. Rodrigo

    With 20 people it took longer than two hours for the game part, which caused us to have to rush the end a bit to accommodate some of the guests who needed to get home to relieve their babysitters, etc, but a fun game that everyone seemed to enjoy otherwise.

  7. Holly

    Fun and easy. I liked how it had two acts. easy to play and the script was easy to follow.

  8. Natalie

    Played this game over zoom. It wasn’t as fun as playing in person, but it worked pretty well. If you play over zoom, I recommend playing with 8 or fewer. 15 was a bit much.

  9. Zack

    Played on the beach with a good size group of friends. I appreciated the flexibility with the optional characters as we had two last second add ons and I was just able to give them their characters last minute without disrupting anything at all. We had a blast. Highly recommend!

  10. Tim

    Great scene and story. I didnt think it lended itself to much creativity in dressing up but overall one of the better mystery games I’ve played, and I’ve played quote a few.

  11. Kaylee

    I absolutely LOVE the surfing competition theme! This is the second game I’ve played by this provider (Marquee Murder) and this was the better of the two. I liked it so much that after playing with my friends, I played again with my family and a few family friends. This one allows for more guests than marquee murder, but it was perfect for a big group.

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